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Is it a Bird? A Plane? No, it’s Comet electric boilers!

In 2017 we no longer have to deal with the expense, worry and danger of gas boilers. Thankfully, there is an abunance of new types of electric boilers now available, ensuring we can always find one to suit each individual’s exact needs.

At JER Electrical, one of our favourites is the ‘Fusion Comet’. Not only is it one of the most efficient electric boilers we have come across, but is also designed to eliminate unnecessary external plumbing and pipe work, resulting in a sleeker, more sophisticated solution. With the sleek design and integral pipework, the boiler can be discreetly located in a cupboard or it can also be wall mounted e.g. in the kitchen area.

To ensure maximum efficiency, all Comet boilers incorporate six stage heating using a single stainless steel heat exchanger. With this unique facility, the boiler will modulate so that both electricity consumption and running costs are controlled through all heating cycles.

The easy-to-use control panel allows:

  • Both the installer and home owner to identify the operating temperatures on the flow and return, system flow rate and kW output of the boiler at any given time.
  • The installer to utilise the inbuilt self-diagnostic feature during installation or routine maintenance.
  • The operating temperature of the boiler to be adjusted and range from 40 degrees through to a maximum 85 degrees.


The digital pressure sensor within the unit allows you to take an accurate reading of the system pressure at all times.

This fantastic option is not only 100% efficient and sleek in its appearance, but it can also run your hot water and heating whilst being virtually silent in operation. It also has multiple fail-safes fitted.

If Carling did boilers….this would probably be the one!

Contact JER Electrical today and see how we can find and install the perfect electric boiler to your home.


In ‘dark’ times, we need outdoor lighting!

Ensuring your property has the correct outdoor lighting is essential. We find that this time of year, with the apparent sudden onset of Autumn, it is one of the most popular requests for work.

We have some great solutions for this exact problem. The ‘sensor’ approach is most popular as it negates the need for find a ‘switch’ or ‘clicker’ in the dead of night. Also, these days the sensitivity controls are adjustable so you are no longer woken up by the outside lighting being activated by a cat on the prowl!

There are (quite literally) hundreds of products available out there, but it takes a keen eye to make sure you get a solution that is reliable, not overly technical and affordable. We recommend ‘Collingwood‘ products as they meet expectation without compromising on style.

If you are thinking of installing an outdoor lighting solution, then contact us and we can have a chat about what you think you might need.

Good luck out there!!


Transform your home

Transform your home with J.E.R. Electrical Ltd

J.E.R Electrical can transform your home, whether it’s a new build, renovation, extension or just updating your existing home.

Our hands on Managing Director, Jer, is very creative and with his great eye for detail, vast experience and highly skilled and qualified team, can create and cater to your stylish lighting/electric needs.

With new upcoming ideas and great products to offer our clients, including smart home technology & LED, strip & sensor lighting for both indoors & outdoors, choose J.E.R Electrical to make your project a huge success.

Call 01481 523411 or email: to arrange a meeting.

Take a look just a few of the rooms we have been able to transform below.



Kitchen Lighting to transform your home by J.E.R ElectricalDressing Room Lighting to transform your home by J.E.R ElectricalBedroom Lighting to transform your home by J.E.R Electrical




LED Lighting

J.E.R. Electrical can modernise your home with feature LED Lighting. With strip lights in your kitchen, mood lighting in your bathroom & saving you electricity with LED downlights in your ceiling.

JER also offer sensor controlled lighting:

From the moment you open your bedroom door the sensor controlled LED’s (which is subtle/mood lighting) will guide your toddler/child to the bathroom safely in the middle of the night. We can also install these sensor LED lights within your bathroom, again to save you not turning on that big bright light.

LED lights can also be fitted into your kitchen to illuminated your kitchen cupboards, islands & under cupboard lighting, these LED’s can be sensor controlled to suit your needs.

Call the J.E.R. LED lighting specialist team to find out more – 01481 523411 or email

Of the work that was completed, happy customer Fiona Murphy commented, “We have this in our house and it is absolutely fantastic having three small children, you don’t have to worry about putting on the full lights in the middle of the night because as soon as a hallway door opens or you walk past, the lighting automatically comes on. After having these lights installed, this is now something I couldn’t live without.”

Kitchen with blue LED Lighting

Kitchen with red LED Lighting

LED Lighting for lounge

LED Lighting for kitchen

LED Lighting for showerroom

Kitchen LED Lighting JER Electrical

LED Lighting for kitchen JER Electrical