EO Home Charging for your electric vehicle - J.E.R. Electrical, GuernseyElectric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and the team at J.E.R. Electrical are providers of the EO Home Chargers for charging an electric vehicle and have installed the North Beach chargers here in Guernsey while continuing to install many home charging points around the island. We pride ourselves on offering a timely installation and will beat any price!

If you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle but aren’t totally sure if it will be worth it on your wallet, take a look at what J.E.R. Electrical’s Managing Director, Jer Norris, has to say about his van:

“I have had an electric van for the last two years and I bought an electricity tracker to see how much it was costing to run per month, which was between £18 to £24. I was doing about 50 miles a day and charging it every night. I have a van full of tools, so more weight to carry. My previous diesel van was costing me £70 per month, so I am definitely making a financial saving.

“On a very warm day, my van will charge between 85 to 100 miles and on a very cold day, it will be between 50 to 70 miles. My van is an older model and the battery is an older type – the newer batteries will charge much longer in the cold.

“I have an 7.2KW charger at home which I charge every night and usually takes around four hours but if it was completely flat it would take between six and seven hours.”

J.E.R. Electrical have now launched the new EO Home Mini, which comes in all the colours of the rainbow! The smallest fast charger on the market, it has been designed and built specifically for charging-up at home and includes:

* Power Ratings – 3.6KW // 7.2KW;

* Universal Socket;

* 3 year product warranty.

What’s not to love about these very cool, yet efficient little chargers?

EO Home Mini - J.E.R. Electrical, Guernsey

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If you would like more information, contact the team today, call 01481 523411 or email: office@jerelectrical.gg