Electrical Heating Solutions

J.E.R. Electrical Ltd offer a wide range of electrical heating solutions for you, keeping you and your family warm throughout the year.

Electric Boilers

As Gas and oil are getting more expensive electric boilers are the future there’s no flue required, no fumes and no risk of explosion, 100% efficient, economic running costs, virtually silent in operation, can provide central heating only or central heating & hot water, can be used for under floor heating, no annual safety certificate required, 24 hour controllability, multiple fail-safes fitted in unit, LED indicators show status of operation these boilers can go in virtually anywhere in your house.

Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are 100% efficient at the point of use – every unit that you pay for becomes heat, they can be controlled with a degree of accuracy not achievable with other systems, they can be quickly and easily installed as there is no pipe work to consider making them ideal for both refurbishment and new builds.
They can operate as a standalone heater or as a complete system, but with the added benefit of being able to add to a system at any time – making it perfect for extensions.
Electric radiators have minimal lifetime costs as they require very little maintenance and on average, electric heating systems last 50% longer than a gas system.
Another benefit is that they are not limited by planning issues associated with flue requirements in new builds and they offer a low safety risk as they do not burn fossil fuel.

Storage Heaters

Stores Heat to Save you Money!

A storage heater is a specialised electric heater that stores heat during the time period (usually at night and weekends) when electricity costs are low, they release the stored heat to the room as needed. Many electrical utilities offer rates that vary by time period, enabling users of storage heaters to take advantage of the lower electricity prices.

Releases Stored Heat When Needed

When electricity costs are low during Off-Peak hours, the storage heater heats its highly insulated storage core of dense ceramic material to meet the day’s heating requirements. When heat is required throughout the day, the heater releases its stored heat by a silent thermostatically controlled fan. The storage heater control system automatically stores more energy as it gets colder, keeping you warm and comfortable no matter what the outdoor conditions. They combine a thermostat-controlled forced convection heater with radiant heating that directly heats objects and people in the room.

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Electric Towel Rails

Electric Towel Rails

Hassle-free installation, electric towel rails are easy, cheap and quick to install, with low running costs for the consumer.
With no reliance on the central heating system, electric towel rails need just a power supply and can be used all year round, not just when the central heating system is on. This makes them more efficient, cheaper to install and maintenance-free for the home-owner compared with wet-system towel rails.
Running costs are inexpensive because of the relatively low output – usually no more than the cost of a light bulb or two – but electric products can be combined with a range of timers, run-back controls and other programmes to keep bills down even further.
Suited to small spaces, electric towel rails with added design features combine style and practicality are a very good option for bathrooms.

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