J.E.R. Electrical Ltd are fully qualified to keep you safe by installing high-quality, life-saving fire alarms and emergency lighting. Having your fire alarm fitted by experts in the field will give you peace of mind knowing that, should a fire occur, you and your family will be alerted straight away and get to safety.

Fire Alarms

Our services include:

  • Fire Alarm Design
  • Fire Alarm Commissioning
  • Fire Alarm maintenance


A working fire alarm system should give enough warning to save lives and give fire fighters enough time to limit property damage. Over time, smoke detectors become less sensitive and standby batteries in control panels can become weak and general faults can develop.

Fire alarm testing should be done at the following recommended intervals –

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually


All smoke and heat detectors are tested for functionality, bells and sounders are operated and assessed to ensure they provide sufficient sound levels in all areas.  Fire alarm panels, batteries and cable joints are checked (where accessible). All checks are logged in the fire alarm log book.

Smoke detector - J.E.R. Electrical

Emergency Lighting Design

J.E.R. Electrical Ltd provide a top quality service when it comes to emergency lighting – our specialised design team can create the most efficient emergency lighting system for your building’s needs.


Emergency Lighting Maintenance
Emergency lighting, as the term implies, is lighting for an emergency situation when the main power supply fails. The loss of mains electricity could be the result of a fire, power cut or local circuit failure and the normal lighting supplies fail. This may lead to sudden darkness and a possible danger to the occupants, either through physical danger or panic.

Health & safety legislation requires all commercial and public premises to have an emergency lighting installation that complies with BS 5266:2005. The main reasons for installing emergency lighting is to enable the building to meet fire safety legislation in a way that is visually acceptable, meets the users needs for ease of operation and maintenance and enables safe passage in the event of a power failure or fire.

Legislation demands that emergency lights are regularly tested and maintained in full working order, if not then they cannot be expected to function effectively in an emergency.

6 Month Test – we will carry out a three hour test of the emergency system, each luminaire will be tested for its full rated duration, the date of the test will then be recorded and logged in the systems log book.

Contact the J.E.R Electrical team today and let us keep you safe.

Emergency Lighting exit sign - J.E.R. Electrical